*Currently ONLY taking EXTENSION clients. Certified in Invisible Bead (IBE) and KLIX.*

She will be able to perform all color services required to match the desired look with extensions. However, if you decide to take out your extensions at any time, you will be placed with another amazing stylist for your future color needs.

She’ll greet you at the door with hospitality and make you feel at home. Abby has the kindest heart, and a true passion for people and hair. This small town Iowa girl was raised with her 7 siblings and 60 cousins! Growing up she did hair for anyone who would let her. Hair has always been her creative outlet. Although, it’s the relationships with who she’s working on is what’s important to her.

In her free time, she’s a bit of a homebody with her husband Carson. They love food, friends, nature, Netflix, fitness, golf (Abby rides along), and exploring new places. Sedona, Iowa, and California are places they can’t get enough of!

Abby has been specializing in extensions for the better part of her 13 year career, she has mastered her craft.

“It starts with a good cut and brilliant color. I love that someone can enhance their look in a few short hours. They can enhance their look in a few short hours. They can walk into the salon with one look and leave with something completely different.”

With extensions, it comes down to 4 things:
1. Having an eye for matching colors.
2. Knowing proper placement so the extensions do not show.
3. Having experienced cutting skills to give a seamless blend.
4. Being educated in multiple methods so you can choose what’s best for the individual and their hair type.

When you have all of these the hair moves and swings as if it’s your own!