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2013 was Melissa’s year of change. Her country, her career path, her future, her old way of thinking.

She is happy to say she took that opportunity, rose to the occasion and went on an adventure.

Her and her family lived in the small, but unforgettable country of Luxembourg. It wasn't easy, not speaking the local languages, but that gave her a chance to be quiet and listen. She was given the opportunity to be immersed into multiple different cultures. Share customs and see things from a new perspective. There were times when she asked herself, 'What did I do, why am I here?’ She was happy living in Arizona, she had lived here all her life. She worked hard to create her professional self. She missed her friends & clients and she really missed being in the salon.

‘Dry your eyes girl, be present, forward is the new direction’.... She had to keep telling herself.

When they knew for sure their time in Luxembourg was coming to a close, it was a loss for sure. The world works in mysterious ways. “What Abby and Avery have built here at Soho took time and care. What we built in Luxembourg also took time and care. What I learned is, you can't rush things. The Soho family welcomed me back to make a fresh start and the timing was perfect.”

Back in Arizona, her first home. Back in the salon, one of her favorite places to be.

Her bio, mother of 3 exceptional humans, 2 rascal dogs, customizing hair since 1998, committed to educating herself and helping educate and care for people who come into her chair and into her life.

She is passionate about her husband, music, art, books and traveling to new places and trying new things.

Life tips

•try things




•be kind